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Arts and Crafts for Special Needs Children and Adults





Committed to the idea that crafts in any form are a very important positive force in one's life, it is our firm belief that everyone, no matter what his or her capabilities, has an inner core of creativity just waiting to be realized!  Here at Jubili, we have created a colorful, comfortable, supportive and relaxed atmosphere for those who want to explore their creative energy, or nurture and expand their creative skills.

Those in the Special Needs Community have these same needs... and at the Jubilation Creations division of Jubili Beads & Yarns®, we open our doors to anyone with the desire to enjoy and express themselves through crafts, movement, and creativity!  In addition to our fabulous Arts & Craft program, we have recently added Yoga classes, and  Music classes are in the works as well!  For those in the Special Needs Community, you or your family member, ages 10 to adult, can join us for any or all of our wonderfully creative and totally fun classes!

The projects done in each arts & crafts class are tailored to the special tastes, talents, and capabilities of each student.  Spanning many important skills, these classes enhance the student's experience in such essentials as creative thinking, and the concepts of color, texture, and mixed media.  Other important areas such as eye-hand coordination, problem solving, fine motor dexterity and even social skills are all part of the class experience.  The feelings of pride, excitement, joy and accomplishment each student experiences as they plan, create, and complete their projects for themselves or their loved ones, are perhaps as important as the physical and cognitive advantages gained from participating in arts & crafts.  And for those who need help, our patient, enthusiastic staff is there to assist each student in completing their project. Click here for more information, and please pass it along to your friends!

Yoga classes are a great form of movement, exercise, relaxation and stress release!  Our certified yoga instructor has had vast experience with all ages at Bancroft and The Yale School.  She is eager and enthusiastic about introducing yoga classes to our Jubilation Creations attendees!  Group, private and semi-private classes are described in detail below.

Lastly, music is the language of the soul...and of the brain as well!  Many studies have shown the importance of music for developing brain connections, language, and other cognitive processes.  Beyond science however, is the undeniable fact that just about everyone loves music...whether it's listening, singing, or making your own music!  We are working on bringing in music classes that will be a combination of listening, singing, and hands-on music-making.  Watch for future
e-mails announcing the debut of our music classes!

Who Can Attend Classes?

 Our classes are geared to two main age groups:

1.  Children ages 10 through 18 years old with enough dexterity and attention span to be able to enjoy a "hands on"
arts and crafts class.  These would include such diagnoses as Asberger's Syndrome, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and the developmentally disabled.

2.  Those 18 and older, through adulthood, with the same diagnoses mentioned above.

Group classes are arranged to partner those with similar interests and capabilities, as well as those in the same general age group.  We learn about the likes, dislikes, and abilities of each student on a personal level, and we plan the projects to maximize each student's enjoyment and skill acquisition, every week.

PLEASE NOTE:  All yoga classes will be held on our second floor.  At this time, only those capable of walking stairs can register for our Yoga classes.
In the Fall, we hope to get funding to put get an automatic chair installed for those less able to tackle a flight of stairs.



Most weekday arts and crafts classes are two hours long, although one hour sessions are available as well.  Those members of the Real Life Choices Program through the division of Developmental Disability of the State of New Jersey have been approved for one, two, and now three hour classes.  All classes are scheduled by appointment only, which becomes your regularly scheduled day and time.  Please, be on time for your scheduled class!  We have specific staff members available to teach these classes at the assigned times, who might not be available if you are very late for your class.  In that case, your class will be cut short, but you will still be charged for the regular duration of your class.  In addition, please call at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment, or you will be charged for the class that you missed.

For currently scheduled class times, please click here to see the Class Schedule, Calendar View on our web site. We try to place new students in pre-existing classes in such a way as to match together those with similar abilities and socializing capabilities.  Due to client scheduling restrictions, however, this is not always possible.  But ultimately, we are happy to accommodate to your scheduling needs, and will do our best to work out a convenient time that also meets your social interaction goals as well.  If necessary, we will gladly open a new class time for you or your family member, including either evening or week-end classes.  These however will be during regularly scheduled store hours only.

To conform to respecting the privacy of our other clients, we regret that we do not allow prospective clients to "try a class" before signing on with us.  However, are happy to have you tour our facility, meet our staff, and see the class projects before signing up for our wonderful classes.  Please call 856-858-7844 for your appointment!



We are very excited to announce that we now have YOGA CLASSES for those with Special Needs!
Melissa Walling, Certified Yoga Instructor through Yogawood, in Collingswood, is our very capable instructor.  Group classes will be held on Wednesdays at the following times only:
Ages 10 - 21, 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
Ages 21 and older, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

We must have at least 3 people sign up one week in advance for a group class to run.  Private and semi-private lessons by appointment only are also available.  Pricing for all yoga classes is as follows:

Yoga Class Prices

Single group "Try It" class, :
  $14 per person**    Each newcomer is allowed 2 "Try It" classes to decide whether they like yoga enough to sign up for regular classes.  Thereafter, please sign on for either the 5 class or 10 class options below.  We require pre-payment for the 5 or 10 class option.  Sorry, you will not be credited the cost of class(es) if:  you do not give at least 24 hours notice of missing a class,
                                you do not show up at all, or
                                you fail to complete the set of yoga classes during the time periods allotted below

**Real Life Choices members might want to attend the "Try It" yoga class "out-of-pocket" before applying for official program reimbursement.

Five group classes:  $65, to be used within two months  (= $13 per class)

Ten group classes:  $120, to be used within three months (= $12 per class)

Private lesson: $60 for single class

           $275 for five 1 hour lessons, to be used within 3 months = $55/class

           $525 for ten 1 hour lessons, to be used within 6 months = $52.50/class

Semi-private lesson:  $75 total for two people =$37.50 per person

Five semi-private lessons:  $350 total for two people = $35 per class per person

                                                                                     To be used within 2 months                                                                                           

Ten semi-private lessons:
  $675 total for two people = $33.75 per class per person

                                                                                    To be used within 6 months                                 

Click here to download our Special Needs Yoga Classes flyer.  Thank you for forwarding it to others who may be interested!                        



Arts & Crafts Class Fees

Fees are $25 per hour, and the fee includes most materials. Other special, multi-session classes are available which will be priced according to number of sessions and required materials.  Classes are usually two hours, with 3 hour classes now an option as well.  Most do not opt for a one hour class, although it is available.

Payment Options:

a.  Fee for Service

Those enrolling privately in any of our classes on a " fee-for-service basis" may pay via cash, check, all major credit cards, by or debit cards.  To reserve your appointment, class tuition is payable at the time of class registration, and may be paid via credit card by phone.  Thereafter, please pay class tuition prior to the next class at the time that you arrive.  You may pre-pay for a series of classes if you'd like, at the same price.  For staffing considerations, please reserve your first class appointment no later than two weeks in advance. 

b.  Real Life Choices

RLC Logo

Jubili Beads & Yarns® is a proud Provider in the Real Life Choices Program, under the auspices of the NJ Dept. of Developmental Disabilities.  Those members in the RLC program may apply for full funding for our arts & crafts and yoga classes through the program's "Habilitations" category.  To get approval for funding, please contact your support coordinator with your request to attend our program, and let them know how often you would like to attend, and if you prefer the one, two, or three hour arts & crafts classes.  If you are interested in both the arts & crafts and yoga classes, you must request separate approvals for each offering.  Once you have received approval, you may then call us to discuss your particular appointment times for your class(es).  However, we must wait for the paper work or a communication of approval from your Support Coordinator before we can actually schedule your class(es).  Sorry, but we cannot schedule you for a class without first receiving the paper work from Easter Seals.


Our Facility

Jubili Beads & Yarns® is located centrally in the rejuvenated, historic town of Collingswood, in Southern New Jersey.  We have a wonderful, recently renovated facility with central heating and air conditioning that provides comfort during all seasons.  The building entrance and restrooms are wheelchair accessible.  At this time, we do not have an elevator or lift chair to the second floor, so we keep the classes small enough to be conducted in our downstairs teaching room.  A full kitchen is on the premises should there be any student with a specific daytime dietary need. With such a wonderful facility offering so many different types of classes, we are always expanding our offerings!  Some of our projects and sample photos my be seen below, under "Classes Offered", and in the photo strip farther down on this page.


Classes Offered

With such a wonderful facility offering so many different types of classes, we are always expanding our offerings!  Some of our projects include:

Decorated Mirror
Beaded Jewelry
CD Holder
Embellished Candle
Polymer Clay Bug
Resin Cat
Paper mâché
Loom weaving
Glass Fusing
Torch Work
Metal Smithing
Lilia Knitting
Wire Wrapped Jewelry
Precious Metal Clay

• Hand-decorated clothing & accessories, such as caps, totes and tee shirts image
• Decorative mirrors, boxes and wall hangings image
• Beaded Jewelry & accessories image
• Decorative CD holders & pencil boxes image
• Wire and bead embellished candles image
• Polymer clay projects image
• Resin craft projects image
• Fiber and mixed media crafts image
• Paper mâché image

Decorated Shirt

Special Classes available by request

• Loom weaving image
*Glass fusing image
*Torch work/Glass bead-making image
*Metal smithing/jewelry-making in metals image
• Knitting & crocheting image
• Wire wrapped jewelry image
• Precious Metal Clay image
(*Not suitable for all students. Age minimum and parental consent/accompaniment might be required)


Bring your group to Jubili for a Field Trip!

If you are a school or institution who takes your students on field trips, bring your group to Jubili Beads & Yarns®!  The largest and most comprehensive
learn-to-do-it-yourself crafts venue in the region, we offer the most extensive jewelry and craft-making possibilities around!  For a special field trip group rate, we offer many great options for a 1 1/2 hour class in which the project will be finished and ready to take home!  Tell us about your group and we'll help you choose a project best suited to your group's capabilities and interests.  Field trips are by appointment only, require a minimum of 5 attendees, and must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Please call us during regular business hours to book your group's field trip, or for further information .  Phone:  856-858-7844.


Bring your birthday party to Jubili!

No need to have your birthday party at home when you can have a wonderful craft party at JBY!  Sensitive to those with special needs, our staff is happy to make you or your loved one's birthday celebration an event to remember!  Party choices include many jewelry-making options, hand-stuffing your own stuffed animal, and Bella Bee "dress up" parties for the younger crowd, ages 7-9.  Consult with our Jubilation Creations staff to pick the best option for your special needs loved one.  Click here to see the General Party Information on our web site.



Parking in Collingswood can be a problem, especially for those who need handicapped parking.  On off hours, you might find on-street parking close to our store location.  Usually however, your best bet is to go to the next light at Collings Avenue, a few doors down from JBY.  Make a left at Collings, and park right under the Patco High Speed Line, near the water tower.  You may then walk through either of the buildings just behind the water tower, marked "The Avenue Mall", or "The Painted Cottage Café".  If you're here at peak shopping hours, give us a call and we'll help you drop off your family member right outside the door..


Transport and Assistance Services

Jubili is happy to work in conjunction with Avenues to Independent Living, based in Woodbury, NJ.  The largest of its kind in New Jersey, this organization provides chaperones and transportation for those in the special needs community.  Also a RLC Provider, Avenues transports clients to our Jubilation Creations classes, as well as to work training programs and work assignments.  For more information, contact: 

Avenues To Independent Living
Mrs. Joan Clark
64 A Curtis Ave.
Woodbury, NJ 08096

Phone: (856) 537 - 7919
Fax: (856) 537 - 7914

Web site:


Important News for NJ Teachers!

NJ Boad of Education Logo

Jubili Beads & Yarns® is a NJ Board of Education Provider for Continuing Education Units!  Any teacher certified in NJ can take any of our classes, and receive hour for hour credits towards your 5 year, 100 credit hour requirements.  If you're a teacher, don't forget to tell us when you sign up for our classes!

Teacher's Special:  Get a group of five teachers together, and we'll give any of our in-house classes to you at a group rate!  Plus, you'll earn your credits!



These are some of our students with the projects they enjoyed creating!
Click on the arrows to scroll through the images and roll over individual pictures for information about the artists and their work!


Help Us Help Others!

Besides offering these wonderful classes to those in the Special Needs Community, we at Jubili Beads & Yarns® are thrilled to have opened our doors to many handicapped adults and autistic high school students, who have done a fabulous job with us working and/or volunteering in our retail store.  With so many aspects of our business that provide great work activities for those with disabilities, we have had nothing but excellent experiences with all of our work/volunteer participants!   If you have knowledge of any school, institution, or private person who would be interested in these opportunities, please pass along our contact information to them:

Jubilation Creations
a division of
Jubili Beads & Yarns®
Special Needs Work/Volunteer Program
Attn:  Dr. Judy Weinstein, MD, Owner
713 Haddon Ave.
Collingswood, NJ 08108

Ph: 856 858 7844
E mail:
Web site:


Things to come....

We are thrilled to tell you that the response to our program has been amazing!  We have had so many families express interest in our Special Needs Program, that we have already expanded to accommodate week-end and evening classes.  The addition of YOGA has many people excited, and we are currently looking into adding a MUSIC class as well!

We would be interested in expanding our program to ON-SITE, AFTER SCHOOL arts & crafts classes in the Fall of 2009.  If you or a family member know if any of the area's schools would be interested in us developing an after school special needs arts & crafts program, then please give us a call, send us an e mail, or have your school contact us.   Thank you for your support and for helping us help others by expanding our wonderful program!