Jubili Beads & Yarns® is a proud corporate member of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY of GLASS BEADMAKERS, or the ISGB. In addition, in January, 2006, we started one of the newest local chapters of the ISGB, "The Jersey Fire Devils".   Although we started the group, it no longer meets here at Jubili.  If interested, you can find out more about the chapter on their web site:

The ISGB web site is a terrific reference for anything and anyone who is interested in this wonderful hobby.  (  Go to the web site to find out about safety issues, how to set up your own studio at home, where the next shows will be, or even to chat with other flame workers.  You'll also learn about "THE GATHERING", the organization's fabulous yearly convention-a virtual cornucopia of classes, demonstrations, vendors, web sites, and networking.