Photo Gallery

Jubili's state-of-the-art, natural gas studio has excellent lighting, ventilation, and safety features.
Complete with 8 Nortel Minor torches and 2 Little Torches for soldering, all the supplies and tools
you'll need are within reach for your convenience, at no extra charge!
Three kilns are in the room for bead annealing as well.

Jubili's studio has a large supply of Moretti glass for purchase....including several other boxes of rods,
reduction frit, and millefiore frit as well. We also have some more expensive hand-pulled colors,
opalinos, and other types from which to choose. We also have books, videos, bead release,
and other supplies on hand to purchase, for your convenience.

Jubili's Flame work classes are among our most popular workshops! Fully equipped with all the
supplies you'll need, classes range from 2 hour intro classes to 1, 2, and 3 day guest teacher
workshops. Here, flame work student Debby admires fellow student Donna's technique.

Local Flame worker Diane Worthington is a regular instructor and big favorite of our students!
Her teaching style is cordial, easily understandable, and chock full of great tips and
bead-making secrets. An award-winning bead-maker, these are some of
her beads, showing several types of surface decoration techniques.