Here in Jubili's fabulous GLASS/METAL STUDIO, we offer a wide range of flame work, glass fusing, metal smithing, enameling, and PMC (Precious Metal Clay) classes for everyone from "never-evers" to the very experienced!  If you've never tried flame work glass bead-making, start with our NEW "Flame work in a Flash". Taught by the Jubili staff, this is a great way to try flame work glass bead-making without a large initial investment. In the four two hour classes, you'll get a good overall intro to the history of flame working, the science of glass, and instructions on how to work the room. You'll watch a demo by the instructor, and then have the rest of the class time to have fun with glass, and make your own beads! This is the best deal around, since for just $60, you get the 2 hour class, 3 rods of glass, use of all tools and supplies needed to make beads, with the kiln fee included! You just can't beat this deal anywhere! What's more, since this is taught by the Jubili staff and not a guest teacher, we will hold this class for any TWO students,waiving the usual minimum of 3 students for the class to take place. In addition, we love working with glass ourselves! So if your're dying to try it, then get one other person, pick a date and time, and we'll be happy to hold the "Flame work in a Flash" class at a time that you pick! Please allow a two week advance notice, so that we know the studio is free, and the appropriate staff is available.

In addition, we know that there are talented young people out there who are interested in trying flame working. If your teenager age 14 or older is interested in either a "Flame work in a Flash" class, or you know of a camp, club, or scout troop that is interested in our special group rate, please call Jubili or e mail us for further information. (Scroll down for contact info).

Once you get hooked from the two hour class, you'll want to try the 4 hour "One Step Up" class, taught by a variety of very talented glass artists and superbly gifted teachers who, luckily for us, live fairly close by! For those with some to lots of experience, we have everything from full day workshops, to special topic two and three day workshops.  In addition, usually once a year, we are fortunate to welcome an internationally-known, special guest instructor, whose workshops are very popular!  Past special guests have included John Winter, (WinterGlas), Kristina Logan ("The Dot Lady"), Jim Smircich, and Kate Fowle Meleney. 

Our many excellent local instructors, some of whom have become nationally known and published, include Jeri Warhaftig (Jeri's Beads), Diane Worthington (Two Sisters Beads), Heather Randall (Starry Eyed Designs), Eva Shelley, Elizabeth Hopkins, Jackie Collins-Parker (Angelcrafts), and Chris Coffman.

Other classes we often hold in the Glass Studio include PMC, (Precious Metal or Silver clay), Enameling, and Glass Fusing.  Join us, and you'll have a great time!