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Dear Friends of Jubili Beads & Yarns®:

Not All Laws Make Sense

Usually, political discussions aren't a part of my newsletter. However, this time, I needed to make you all aware of one ridiculous law passed by Congress that is likely to affect us all...not just those of us who make and/or wear hand-made jewelry. I mean, ALL of us!

Called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, or (CPSIA), it was hastily passed last year as an over-reaction to the lack of safety controls on things like lead content in the goods coming into the US from China. The law includes ANY product made for our used by children ages 12 and under. It is layered with penalties such as prison time and fines of $100,000 for those who are caught violating this law.

The problem is that because little to no research into the ramifications of this new law was done, it was made so inclusive that it includes as unlawful, ANY products that have lead in any part of their manufacturing: including things like clothing, fabric, school gear, paper goods, bike frames, party supplies, and, yes, jewelry. The list of industries affected is limitless. Because of this law, every piece of every product must go through horrendously expensive metal testing for these lead levels...the cost of which will put each and every business out of business!

There has been such an uproar about this, that there is still room to make your voices heard! Imagine getting sued for a piece of jewelry you made, using some component you took off that great vintage necklace you got at a flea market! This is a time to stand up and let your voice be heard by calling, writing, or e mailing your congress person! Urge them to repeal this ridiculous law! And please go to a great article online to read the full extent of this travesty:



Great New Stuff

Here's some great new inventory to peruse! New Special finishes in 18 mm Swarovski crystal Rivolis, new colors in 4 mm bicones, and a whole new supply of Swarovski flowers in two sizes! Ask about our huge selection of new semi-precious stones. New Miyuki seed beads will be coming in at the end of next week!


Save Money tips!

Don't forget that we offer lots of opportunities to save money when you shop... which is a welcome advantage in this economy!

Ten Percent Off Monday: Shop on Mondays from Noon to 7:00 pm and everyone saves 10%!

"After Class" Discount: Any time you take any class here at Jubili, you'll get a 10% discount for all your additional shopping after your class!

Frequent Buyer Cards: Keep them with you all the time so you don't miss out on getting your 10 spots initialed. You'll get 5% off that 11th purchase, and start again for the next round!

Mother's Day is coming!

Don't forget that Mother's day is looming near! Come on in and we'll help you make some beautiful jewelry for mom as a great gift for her special day...and for sister, aunt, grandma...whoever!

Mother's Bracelet
Order your own customized Mother's Bracelet today!

Class Reminders

Check out our Class Schedule ONLINE at www.jubilibeadsandyarns.com/classes.html!

We want to make sure you know there are TWO views:

1. Blackboard View: Click on this button and a classroom blackboard will appear. Click on those class names, and a pop-up will open that shows you a picture of the class sample, the class date, time, and other information.

2. Calendar View: Have next Saturday free and want to know what's going on at Jubili? Click on this button, and you'll see! This also has lots of good info, but NO pix.


PMC Certification Class at Jubili

Rio Grande Logo

If you haven't heard yet, Chris Darway, one of the country's foremost metal smiths and PMC experts, will be here on June 12-14 giving his 3 day PMC Certification class through Rio Grande. There's still room in the class! All sign-ups are through the Rio Grande web site, NOT through Jubili. This 3 day intensive costs $425, for which you also get tools, PMC, and a one year membership to the national PMC Guild. Here's the web address: www.riogrande.com/pmc/rio_rewards.html

Metal Smithing's a hit!

Everyone's loving our metal smithing classes, taught by Helen Driggs, (Managing Editor of Jewelry Artist Magazine), and Sharon Schachte, (Owner of Mad Metals). Sharon's SOLDERING classes have been great! Check out the Class Schedule for the dates of the upcoming classes with both of these wonderful teachers!

Saw Pendant
Cuff Bracelet
Soldered Ring
A gorgeous saw pendant by Helen.
Helen's newest class makes a cuff bracelet!
This wonderful ring is taught by Sharon.


Web Site Re-born!

After many weeks of battling the cyber demons, our web master Gabrielle has succeeded in freeing us of our terrible web site host! We are now able to once again add new merchandise to our web site, and finally bring much more to you online. Watch for news in your e mails as we add in more inventory as fast as we can! And let's all wish Gabrielle good luck in her new job, and welcome Eric who comes in her place.


Looking forward to seeing all of you, soon!

Best wishes,

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Judy Weinstein and the entire Jubili staff:
Jes, Lorraine, Kathy, Meredith, Brittany & Eric